Dr Zhinus Farhand


With a name like Zhinus, you’re probably wondering: who, what, and when? The story of me starts back in post-revolutionary Iran, with my parents quickly deciding it was no place for my older brother or me. My mother always enjoyed reading the story of Skippy the Bush Kangaroo to us, the fantasy of kangaroos roaming around and the freedom to get up to all sorts had impressed my brother and me immensely. We couldn’t be happier once we got the all clear to move to Australia, in the late 80’s.

Fast-forward a few years I had gained another brother, lived rurally, (and yes, had kangaroos in our backyard most mornings), before it was time to resettle in Perth where I finished high school.

I always thought I would end up an engineer or psychologist, but as destiny had planned it, I feel I fell somewhere in the middle and was honored to graduate in Dentistry from Griffith University on the Gold Coast.

Since then, I have found myself working in private practice, and even tutoring the next generation at the University of Western Australia Dental School.

My dentistry motto is; Prevent, Conservatively Treat, and Aim to Retain. Forever the student, the evolution of dentistry is what I appreciate the most, what I did yesterday may not be what I do today, and possibly not even what I do tomorrow.