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At Perth City Dental, we recommend coming in every six months to ensure that the teeth and surrounding tissues are healthy. With regular check-ups, we can catch small problems before they become bigger (and more expensive!).

At your appointment we may recommend having x-rays, as these help us check for hidden decay, and assess fillings and bone levels. We recommend these to be updated every two years.

We will usually do a scale and clean for you on the day, to remove any calculus (tartar) build up and staining. If there is periodontal (gum) disease present, we may recommend having a deeper clean under local anaesthetic, or referral to a specialist may be necessary. We may also recommend fluoride treatment which is great for strengthening enamel and helping to reverse and remineralise areas of early decay in the teeth.

Frequently Asked Questions

The radiation dosage from dental x-rays is very small – less than 10 microsieverts (μSv) for a standard dental x-ray. In comparison, just being alive we are exposed to natural background radiation of 4 μSv per day, and a flight from Perth to London would give you approximately 50 μSv.

Yes Perth City Dental respect our colleagues opinions but we understand sometimes you’d like a second opinion. Please chat to our team when you make a booking.

Yes, Perth City dental recommends that you have a full check up with your clean to ensure the best treatment.

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