Medical check-upThis is an imperative part of oral care. At Perth City Dental Surgery, we like to examine our patients every six months, not only for their teeth, but also the gums and surrounding soft tissues. With regular check-ups, it is highly likely less complex dental treatment will ever be required.

We have digital radiography, meaning large images for easier interpretation and discussion, and importantly, less radiation exposure.  Together with high resolution digital intra-oral camera images, it makes it easier to explain any situation to our patients.

It doesn’t take much time for the decay process to begin.  It can be picked up very early in its development through clinical and radiographic examinations, which is why regular examination appointments are necessary.  Everybody develops different decay rates depending on their diet, oral hygiene and saliva quality and quantity.  All of this is assessed at the examination appointment, in order to educate our patients in areas for improvement.  Once early decay is detected (demineralization of the enamel), a regime is designed in order to repair these areas, which is a conservative way to prevent dental decay.