Why do people whiten their teeth?

Teeth are prone to discolour and stain over time. In some cases discolouration can be caused by drinking coffee, tea and soft drinks. Other common causes are smoking, poor dental hygiene, genetics, ageing and some medications. Smiling is a common sight amongst Australians and many people are not happy with the colour of their teeth and therefore are not happy with their smile. This could be why teeth whitening in Perth has become very popular over the years. Impending special events or photographs may prompt you to pursue tooth whitening.

The benefits of teeth whitening in Perth are that it does not require any removal of healthy tooth structure. Having your teeth whitened can reverse years of staining and discolouration but more importantly it can improve self-esteem and confidence when it comes to your smile.

Perth City Dental has two different options of teeth whitening in Perth and recommend that you have a thorough clinical examination of your teeth and gums prior to the whitening of your teeth. We also recommend that you have a scale and polish, Fluoride treatment and have x-rays taken.

This is separate to the teeth whitening cost.  You can also discuss with the dentist if teeth whitening attracts any private health fund rebates.