Used for restoring the strength and appearance of teeth, dental veneers are a thin, custom-made covering that is placed over the front of the tooth. At Perth City Dental, we provide veneer dental treatments as a pain free, less intrusive alternative to crowns or braces. Delivering an individually tailored cosmetic solution, our veneers are the perfect way to enhance your entire dental appearance. Made from either porcelain or composite fillings, our results are extremely durable, remaining unaffected over time. Get the teeth you’ve always dreamed of with our composite or porcelain veneers from Perth City Dental.

Composite Veneers

For a pain free treatment that will leave you with natural looking teeth, our composite veneers are the ultimate solution. Completed in one single visit, composite veneers are an affordable dental treatment that cater to a variety of people. With a range of different shades available, we are able to tailor our results to suit specific skin types and tooth structures, creating a subtle and natural look for every patient.

Lasting 4-8 years, our direct composite veneers are applied in thin layers and shaped to harmonise with existing teeth. Subtle anatomy is placed in them, creating a more natural and desired look. By changing the shape, appearance and colour of your teeth, our composite veneers can enhance your entire appearance.

For an affordable dental treatment, our composite veneers are your go-to aesthetic and natural looking solution! Find out more from our team at Perth City Dental today.

Porcelain Veneers

Helping to improve not only the colour, but the shape of your teeth, porcelain veneers are a treatment definitely worth considering. At Perth City Dental, our team of leading dental experts aim to provide unsurpassed quality and performance during the whole dental procedure.

Our dental restoration technique involves using thin pieces of porcelain to re-create a natural looking tooth that is both resilient and strong. Covering up discoloured, damaged or worn-down enamel, our porcelain veneers are bonded directly to your tooth’s surface. This allows the veneers to be cemented in place, so that they can last up to 15 years.

Unlike composite veneers, porcelain veneers require an extra trip to the dentist. This is so your veneers can be hand crafted and custom made, giving you the best possible end results. To learn more about our porcelain veneers, get in contact us today on (08) 9321 5721.

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Everyone is different, just like every appearance is different. So, if you’re wondering what type of veneers are best for you, get in contact with the team at Perth City Dental today and let us help to provide a quick and effective dental solution.